Get your best results with simple nutrition.

“I have so much more energy”

“It’s real food and real portion sizes”

“I’ll definitely be making this a lifestyle”

“The support from the food coaches and the rest of the group is incredible. It helped me so much”

If you’re unsure about trying a short-term program but you want a plan you know you can easily commit to for 28 days, this is for you.

We like to call it a “read it and eat it” program... it’s that simple.
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and looking for the right fit, the Balanced Habits KickStart is perfect for you to see what’s possible in just 4 weeks time.

Who’s The KICK START Program For?

People who want to:

  • Lose a “quick 10”  in the next 28 days; people who have a short-term goal tend to love this program the most! 

  • Learn nutrition, food prep, and recipe tricks to "hack" the amount of effort and time to get your body, health, and energy back

  • Some folks do the program just to learn what a portion of food visually looks like.  

  • People are often told to eat a certain number of small meals throughout the day but what does that look like or mean?  

    Real Food, Real Results

The Kickstart provides a literal “road map” with built in accountability, support, subtle education, exercise recommendations and more.