semi-private training

You just began to exercise and group exercise feels intimidating, but getting a personal trainer is not an option.

Whether your took a break from exercising or are starting for the first time, it can feel like everyone is already ahead of you making it overwhelming to try and keep up. But, you still don't have to trudge through your fitness journey alone.

Our Semi-Private Training program pairs you with others who are just like you! They are starting from the same place, so not only do you have an expert coach to guide you through each workout session, you have up to 4 new friends to keep you motivated, encouraged, and form friendships with as you share in each others journeys while you transform your body and your health.

included with semi-private training


personalized coaching

Unlike larger fitness classes, your coach will work with you to ensure your sessions are specifically adapted to your goals, fitness level, and abilities while keeping you motivated and accountable.

Affordable options

More cost efficient than private training, you can select from 2-4 training sessions per week, and we will provide you with additional work you can do on your own to ensure you meet your goals.

nutritional guidance

Nutrition is the foundation to any weight loss success. In addition to your training sessions, you will receive nutrition guidance to assist you on your journey.


Sometimes things are just easier when you don’t have to do them alone. With Semi Private Training, you’ll create new friends and have a complete support system. People you’ll sweat with, laugh with, and complain with.