We’re a group of individuals hoping to better your life as well as our own.
Brady Johnson Fitness

Brady Johnson

CEO - Chief Empowerment Officer

After not fitting in as a child, Brady turned to Fitness as a coping mechanism. As she grew up, she realized how intimidating the typical gym was and vowed to create an environment that was inclusive, supportive, and welcoming. A place where people could start regardless of their current level of physical activity or abilities, and were given the proper tools and education to achieve their goals. She wanted to create a place where everyone could achieve their own personal dreams; whether that meant major weight loss, achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or pushing to new limits like training for a 5k or a Spartan.

With a dream and some discipline Brady went to work to make her dream a reality. Since opening Encompass Fitness in 2014 over 400 people have lost over 2000 pounds and lives have significantly been changed forever. We have mom’s who now feel comfortable in bathing suits, business owners who finally feel healthy and have energy again, and your everyday person who is achieving goals and accomplishments they never dreamed possible. And the best part? They are just like you! And if they can do it, you can too!


Kim Pastachak

Director of Nutritional Services

Kim was an initial member when Encompass opened in 2014. Her passion for fitness was infectious. She soon left her career to begin helping others achieve dreams of looking and feeling their best like she did. Who better to help you along than someone who has been through it? Kim's  enthusiasm will push you through a workout, and her compassion will ensure that you achieve every goal that you set. Kim is your go-to if you have any nutrition related questions. Nutrition is the #1 driver of results, which means you'll definitely want to pay Kim a visit if you're looking for a change. She's our food guru and is always happy to help! 


Alex Galeth

Director of Personal Training Services

Alex is an experienced trainer with over 20 years experience helping others achieve their goals. His no-excuses attitude will have you breaking mental barriers and pushing yourself to discover your potential, while his sense of humour will strengthen your 6-pack. 


Jessi Pastachak 

Director of Client Care

You'll find Jessi's smiling face behind the front desk and on the fitness floor. Jessi takes care of all things; from booking appointments, to setting up memberships, and keeping our members accountable by tracking their measurements. She's also who to ask if you have any questions about what vitamins or supplements can help you achieve the greatest success.