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Live healthier. Live happier.

A fun and fail-proof way to feel healthy again.

exercise not working

Struggling to lose weight?
Exercise NOT working? 
Want your body to move like it used to?
Afraid it’s too late recapture your youth?


Not sure where to start? we can help!


why encompass?

We provide a strategy; a solution that actually works. Our members achieve continuous results using personalized programs. But, how do you know your program will actually work? Your membership provides access to coaches who expertly guide you toward success in the gym, so that you can live healthier and happier, without failure. Learn more...

Start with a tour. Be welcomed into our space and provided with information to help you to understand how to achieve your goals.
Give it a try. Get access to coaches who expertly guide you toward success, and encourage you to achieve your goals. 
Live healthy and happy. Do the things you love with energy, confidence, and ease. It's that simple!

set goals

Whether you want to it be improving a golf score, maintaining independence, or losing weight to boost energy and confidence –we’ll get clear on what you desire and create a personalized plan to achieve it, together.


get feedback

Our expert trainers guide you safely through a personalized program to ensure that you feel encouraged to achieve your goal.


enjoy results

You will soon experience more strength, balance and movement. We will adapt your program to allow for continuous improvement so you can live with less pain and more freedom.

personalized programs, just for you

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