KickStart nutrition program

There are so many diets and fads that it is hard to know actually works. You start one, experience results,  stop ...and fail again. Leaving you to gain back the weight and feel more frustrated than you did to begin. At this point, you feel that it’s easier to stay the way you are; miserable and unhappy, than try and fail again.

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to. As experts in nutrition, we work with you and your unique needs to create you a program that you can actually follow without spending all your time in the kitchen, your entire budget on food, or feeling deprived. Food is meant to be enjoyed and give you the energy you need. It’s time for you to get your energy, confidence, and old body back. And it’s easier than you think!

what to expect:



Come in for a consultation appointment. We will learn more about you and take your measurements so we can personalize your program to your preferences, activity level, busy schedule, and lifestyle.


We will spend an hour with you, teaching you everything you need to know to be successful. What is ‘successful’? It’s whatever you define it to be! It’s not a number on the scale. It's being able to wear your clothes with confidence and have the energy to actually get through the day without craving a sugary snack, or simply lowering your blood pressure to live a long and healthy life medication free.


Keep it up. No more failing or giving up. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you stay motivated. We help you navigate through anything life throws at you (birthdays, holidays, stressful days from hell...) all while maintaining your progress. When you achieve your goal, we ensure you have all the tools you need to keep the weight off long term. Because this is a lifestyle, you can ditch the diets forever!



Try the 28-day KickStart nutrition program at Encompass.

28 days can change your life forever!