youth athletic training

Train like an athlete; play like a pro.

 Personal training for male youth athletes. 
 Personal training for female youth athletes. 

Our Encompass Athletics training program for youth is a fun and challenging way to help your child stay active and improve their sport performance. Our after school youth program for children ages 12-16 focuses on the foundations of physical fitness, teaching the children to move their body to the best of their abilities; gaining strength, endurance, and power, all while making it fun and enjoyable.  

Whether you envision your child as an up and coming pro athlete, or just want to keep them off the couch, our Youth Athletics program aims to instil healthy habits, enhance their physical fitness, reduce their risk of injury, and instil a positive mental attitude that comes with being active.

why encompass athletics?


Keep your child active

Keeping your child off the couch and engaging with others as they sweat and move their bodies is important for their growth.

Help your child excel in their favourite sport

The training we program is specifically designed to help them gain the strength and conditioning necessary for performance enhancement in a safe and appropriate manner.

Boost your child's self esteem and self confidence

Exercise has been shown to boost self confidence and help children develop a positive mental attitude. The group atmosphere promotes healthy social interaction, and friendly competition.

get a free t-shirt!

Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? This t-shirt can only earned by the kids who participate in the program, identifying them as an Encompass Athlete.