5 Tips for the Canada Day Weekend

It's the long weekend, which is a reason to go a little off track and celebrate, Right?        I mean, you ate great and exercised Monday through Thursday, so what's the big deal? We know that balance and moderation are the keys to enjoying a fulfilling life. However, it's also important to keep your goals in mind.

Imagine, shovelling a hole. Picture yourself digging diligently, working hard.  You continue to dig for 5 days and you're making some good progress. It doesn't make much sense to start shovelling the dirt back in the hole on the sixth day, does it? However, in terms of our nutrition we often find ourselves doing this weekend after weekend.  I see so many people work their buns off all week long only to undo what they have worked so hard for, and fail to achieve the results they desire. 

I'm not encouraging you to toss all idea's of fun and enjoyment out the window, but with a few tips you can ensure you stay closer to your goals, and look and feel better come Monday morning. 

5 Long Weekend Health Tips: 

The long weekend is for travelling, relaxing, and getting away. Follow our 5 suggestions to keep on track over the holiday. 

At a BBQ:

While we can't control what the host serves, we can be a lovely guest and bring a healthy, homemade dish or salad. Your host will appreciate the gesture, and you will have piece of mind knowing that you will at least have one healthy option to choose from. 

At the Lake:

Packing a cooler of beverages seems like a no-brainer. But a cooler with fruits and vegetables, well that just seems too difficult. It doesn't have to be! Chop a few fruits and vegetables, or toss a few pieces of fruit into a cooler on ice. You'll look and feel much better on the beach, and have less crumbs to clean up. Win! 

Around the Camp Fire: 

Hot-dogs, S'mores, and treats galore. You don't have to opt out of everything. Look for healthier alternatives such as turkey or chicken dogs and smokies, which often have 1/3 of the fat and fillers. Bonus points if you skip the bun! Don't like all of the sugar in marshmallows? I grew up cooking a slice of bacon by weaving it through the stick - the open flame burns off most of the fat. 

On the Road: 

Pack Snacks! Not only are gas station treats full of added fat, sugar, and sodium, they are expensive! Throw in a bag of veggie crisps, fresh fruits and vegetables, or your favourite peanut butter balls. No snacks on hand? Buy Beef Jerky. With over 15 grams of protein per ounce and little fat and carbohydrates, it is definitely your best bet. Worried about the sodium? Look for the low-sodium original flavours. 

At the Parade: 

Like all things, a bit of candy in moderation is not going to hurt anyone. However if your toddler turns into the tasmanian devil after one too many suckers, make them a deal. Allow them to "trade in" their candy and put it towards a toy that they have been eyeing up. Preferably one that encourages them to be active outdoors - think water guns, sidewalk chalk, etc. Rest assured, a trip to the toy aisle should be cheaper than a trip to the dentist. 

Away from the Gym?

Grab a deck of playing cards and get ready to sweat! The Deck of Cards is one of our favourite workouts and is perfect for when you're away from the gym. Shuffle the cards and turn them face down. Flip one card at a time. The suit of the card corresponds with the exercise, and the number on the card dictates the number of repetitions. Snap a picture of your workout in the 'great outdoors' and send us your Canada Day Workout Photo!  

Deck of Cards - one of our favourites! For example, a nine of spades would be 9 lunges. Finish your lunges as fast as you can, and flip the next card!

Deck of Cards - one of our favourites! For example, a nine of spades would be 9 lunges. Finish your lunges as fast as you can, and flip the next card!