The Danger of Tomorrow

Tomorrow could potentially be the most dangerous word in the english language today. Why?

While such a seemingly innocent word, the verb tomorrow brings hope, excitement, and a sense of relief. Tomorrow, I will start my diet. Tomorrow, I won't yell at my kids. Tomorrow, I will exercise. While tomorrow seems like the viable option, tomorrow also seems to never become today. Therefore, we falsely continue to believe that tomorrow is not a real date, but the perception of a day when we will get our %$!# together. 

While the delay of tomorrow sounds promising, if we are being realistic, we know that tomorrow we will have the intention of doing the thing we said we would do. Yet this intention is once again only a possibility. 'I will try to eat healthy tomorrow', but if that fails, there is always the next tomorrow. In a subtle form of procrastination, tomorrow has become a mystical land where we store all of the ideas, dreams, and work that we are not ready to commit to today. 

How can we fix tomorrow?

While my hope for you is that tomorrow holds 24 hours, there are still many hours left of today. Habits, Dreams, Work, they all take momentum. If you start today, you can continue tomorrow, and the day after that, and each day forward. The danger of tomorrow lies in never starting the very goal you set out to achieve. I encourage you to act on whatever your tomorrow task has been, right now, in this very moment. If you don't have the equipment, or the supplies, or the plan mapped out, stop right now, in this moment, and get them, or make a plan to get them, today (and not a plan to get them tomorrow). 

When we are aware of the danger of tomorrow, we can create a new reality for today. Often we rationalize, saying things such as "I am going to eat _________ today because I am starting over tomorrow". This style of thinking can lead to 7 ice cream cones eaten in a week, and the hope that tomorrow will bring something new. The harsh reality is that this style of thinking not only delays your goals, but hinders them, causing you to fall even further from your intentions. 

My hope for you is success, happiness, health, and all the things your mind conceives. I wanted to share this with you to make you aware of the danger of tomorrow, and encourage you to act TODAY. By acting today, you're not just planning on doing something, you've already started.

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