Why I Cut Up My Once Favourite Shirt

"You can't lift with us" 

A spin off of the once popular one-liner from the movie Mean Girls. When I first got this tank top a few years ago, I loved it. I loved identifying myself as a girl who lifts. I found fulfillment in being able to lift heavy weights, and was thrilled at the fact that it set me apart. 

The tank had worked its way to the bottom of my closet over the last while, and when I found it the other day I folded, and replaced it back in the overflowing drawer of fitness related shirts, and (attempted) closed the drawer. But I couldn't stop thinking about the tank... 

You can't lift with us... as if your abilities outweighed your intentions. 

So this week, I chose to cut up the shirt. I chose to let others know that you should be proud of yourself for lifting a weight, any weight. Every single person has their own fitness goals, and is on their own fitness journey. No person has any right to make fun of, degrade, or look down on another individual who isn't lifting as heavy, who has a different approach to fitness, or nutrition. The "right" way to do something may be the right way for a specific individual, but it may not be the way for everyone. Sure, there is a scientific approach to certain goal achievements, but in general, we should be commending everyone who is trying to do, and be better. 

Before you silently judge someone in your head, question their latest nutrition quest, or compare the amount of weight you are lifting, verbally let them know that it's incredible that they are doing something. 

The majority of people who are not currently exercising fear that they will be judged by those who already exercise, so it's up to us to break this stigma. If you've ever had a fitness revelation, or have your own story of empowerment and acceptance with fitness, we would love to hear it. Comment below! And, if you've been afraid to step out of your comfort zone, we would love to hear from you. We commit ourselves to providing the best experience possible - free of judgement and fear, and completely empowering and motivating! 


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