From Camera Avoider to Confident!


We don't have too many before pictures of Jade because, well, like many people, she hated how she looked in photos. Flash forward 6 months, and Jade has let us take a photo, and has even had family photo's done. After trying everything out there and always failing miserably, Jade says this is the easiest program she has ever done, or had success with. Win, Win! 

What encouraged me to start the LIFE Program was wanting to get into shape for my upcoming wedding in August. I also wanted to feel less tired as I have 2 young sons who keep me busy. My mood and thoughts towards my looks in the mirror and pictures also needed to change. I wanted to feel comfortable and confident in myself.

What I like best about the program is how easy it was to pick out food that I wanted to eat. It wasn’t a strict “diet plan”. I wasn’t failing at this. I had tried many, many diets in the past but found them hard to stick to and I was always hungry. This program doesn’t starve you, it gives you plenty of food. I was eating the same food as the rest of my family was eating and it wasn’t much different than the types of meals we used to eat.

After my 6 months, I am feeling great! My mood feels much better, along with my energy. I don’t feel the need to nap all the time like I did 6 months ago. I feel good in my clothes and I feel more confident in pictures!

To anyone who is considering the LIFE Program, I would tell them to take the leap and do it. It is worth the money and it is easy to follow. If I can stick to it and be successful, anyone can.

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Don't let another "Monday" pass by again!