The Most Important Workout You Can Do This Week

Little did you know, the most important workout you can do this week can be done at home. 

Little did you know, the most important workout you can do this week can be done at home. 

If you're serious about getting results, there is one workout that will help you more than anything else. It doesn't involve burpees, running, or even heavy lifting. The most important workout that you can ever do is not even performed in the gym, it takes place in the grocery store, and the kitchen. 

Time and time again, I hear people say, "I don't have time to eat healthy", "I don't have time to meal prep", and to those new to fitness and nutrition, "well, I'm exercising, so I don't need to eat healthy". Yet, I often see these very same individuals at the studio multiple times a week.

I understand what it is like to be busy, to be run off your feet, living off of coffee and pre-workouts just to survive the work-week and still make time to exercise. But if you've ever been there, or this is you. I want you to do something, I want you to skip your next workout. 

You heard me. I want you to skip your next workout. 

If you do not have your nutrition planned for the week, meals prepared and ready to go, or time carved out this week to prepare and eat nutritious meals, then you need to skip your next workout and prioritize your nutrition instead. 

While this may seem like a foreign concept, when you do the math, it makes complete sense. Sure, you can burn anywhere from 300 calories and up per fitness class. But there are also 3500 calories in one pound of fat. And if you're not prepared and making poor food choices during the week, you will most likely be taking in additional calories above and beyond the amount that you will burn during a single workout.

Therefore, the best way you can invest in your health, and your overall achievement of your goals is to skip one workout, and invest your time in setting yourself up for a weeks worth of nutritional success. Now, if you have the time in your schedule, your week is planned and your meals are prepared, I fully expect to see you at all of your regularly scheduled fitness classes, and achieving your fitness and nutritional goals. 

Even if it's taking an hour, running to the grocery store and picking up a deli roasted chicken, and some pre-cut vegetables and portioning them into a few meals, every little effort to setting yourself up for success counts.

Find meal prepping stressful, boring, or extremely time consuming? Join us next week for our blog on the best and easiest meal preparation plans, tips, and ideas.