Fitness, Family and New Friends.

Fitness, Family and New Friends.

When fitness goes from being something new and scary to being apart of your life… results are bound to happen. After starting her journey at Encompass, Elaine gained friendship and a new, healthy lifestyle that not only changed her life, but her family as well.

Better Together - How Small Group Training Can Change your Life!

Better Together - How Small Group Training Can Change your Life!

They first met when they took the big step of coming to Encompass Fitness. They ended up spending every Monday and Wednesday training together for 6 months and developed an unbreakable bond and even better results. Read how they gained confidence in so many areas and a life-long friendship.

A message to you.

Michelle longed for more energy and to help alleviate her aching joint pain. She believes that if she can do it, you can too! 

Michelle longed for more energy and to help alleviate her aching joint pain. She believes that if she can do it, you can too! 

January 2017

My lifestyle had become sedentary, one where exercise (other than walking to get from point A to point B) didn’t exist.  I was tired most of the time not wanting to move once I had settled down to my spot on the couch each evening; a routine that was contributing to my feeling miserable.  Daily activities became more of a chore to do. My hips started to ache when standing at my kitchen island preparing meals, to the point where I would have to sit down and give them a rest.  I hadn’t been to the doctor for a medical in 2 years because I was scared to hear words that I didn’t want to hear. I knew that I was heading deeper into an unhealthy lifestyle, one that could eventually seriously impact my life.   

March 2017 - A month and a half later

Unsure, anxious, insecure, curious, intimidated... all feelings that I felt on my way to attending my first fitness class at Encompass.  What if I can’t make it through the class? What if I injure myself? What if the movements are too difficult for me to do? What if I set the class behind? What if everyone’s eyes were on me watching; an outsider to the fitness world?

These fears were quickly put to rest.

I was warmly welcomed by the coaches and members.  The coaches took the time to assist me making sure I was doing the exercise correctly, provided me with alternatives to the more advanced moves allowing me to keep up and stay involved with the whole class.  Members were happy to assist me, answering questions I had and giving me a hand with the exercises as well.

During that first week I was encouraged, cheered on, high-fived, and complimented on my progress by the Encompass coaches and members.  I felt like I belonged here. Feeling more confident that I could do this, at the end of my one week trial, I decided to invest in myself and I became a member at Encompass.

May 2018 - Just over a year later...

Confident, energized, happy, excited, motivated... all words describing how I feel now as a person who is committed to a healthy lifestyle.   I have gained mobility, strength, energy, knowledge and friendships. Being a part of the fitness program at Encompass and having taken part in the Spring 2017 Kick Start have provided me with the tools I needed to succeed in the lifestyle that I have come to love! The Balanced Habits Kick Start program has taught me how to fuel my body with great tasting foods in carbohydrate, fat, and protein unit portions that are right for me.  I enjoy cooking and eating foods that I had never tried before and I don't at all feel deprived.

I know that it can be a scary commitment. But some advice or words of encouragement that I would give:

  • Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you may surprise yourself!

  • Ask for help, I still do, that’s how you get it right!

  • Know your limits, push yourself only as far as you are comfortable.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Know you are not alone in your feelings.  Change can be scary but there are so many people at Encompass who are more than happy to listen to you and help you in any way they can.  They are your “Fit Fam”!

  • Be patient and don’t expect immediate change; this is a work in progress.

  • Have fun!  Enjoy Life!

You can do this,

Michelle Wilbraham

Top 5 Thanksgiving Tips

Our philosophy is a balanced approach; which means so much more than how you look, or what a number on the scale tells you. A balanced approach means a healthy perspective on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Having to opt-out of Thanksgiving to achieve a desired weight should never be promoted (unless you're preparing for a specific event or competition). That certainly isn't enjoyable, and it's not realistic either. 

Our approach focuses on mindfulness, which means not only fully enjoying Thanksgiving meal, but fully being present Thanksgiving weekend; enjoying and taking in the cool, crisp weather, appreciating your family members for who they are, and fully expressing gratitude for all things; even on the days and in the moments you have to look a little harder. 

Practice these 5 tips for an enjoyable long weekend of fall, friends, family, food, and maybe even a little fitness with our anywhere or on-the-go Thanksgiving Workouts. 


FEMSPORT: You're Stronger Than You Think

FEMSPORT: You're Stronger Than You Think

Encompass Fitness' Coach Kim Pastachak (featured above) shares with us an event that is near to her heart and inspires women to focus on their capabilities and forget about the scale. Join coach Kim this year at FemSport in Moose Jaw on August 19th and prove you're stronger than you think.