Top 5 Thanksgiving Tips

Our philosophy is a balanced approach; which means so much more than how you look, or what a number on the scale tells you. A balanced approach means a healthy perspective on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Having to opt-out of Thanksgiving to achieve a desired weight should never be promoted (unless you're preparing for a specific event or competition). That certainly isn't enjoyable, and it's not realistic either. 

Our approach focuses on mindfulness, which means not only fully enjoying Thanksgiving meal, but fully being present Thanksgiving weekend; enjoying and taking in the cool, crisp weather, appreciating your family members for who they are, and fully expressing gratitude for all things; even on the days and in the moments you have to look a little harder. 

Practice these 5 tips for an enjoyable long weekend of fall, friends, family, food, and maybe even a little fitness with our anywhere or on-the-go Thanksgiving Workouts.