Thanksgiving Recipe Book

Don’t let the holidays hinder your progress! Use these tips and recipes to navigate your way through the all of the temptations.

Here are our favourite tips:

  • Keep a food journal to keep yourself accountable

  • Don’t skip meals throughout the day. We all know how easy it is to inhale too much food when you are hungry… plus no one likes to be hangry

  • Drink only water between meals

  • Keep the “squishy carbs” to a minimum (breads, rice, pasta, white potatoes)

  • Grab a small plate when dishing up for supper. Our brains usually overpower our stomachs and we stop eating when our plate is empty not when our belly’s are full

  • Fill up your plate with the protein first, then veggies or fruits, fill remaining space with small amounts of extras

  • Keep your hands occupied so you don’t mindlessly grab a snack, or 7

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some recipes that you can serve to your guests. These recipes have a healthy twist on the classics to keep your guests full and content with their favourite Thanksgiving treats!

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Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!