Client Success Story: Shelley Boyes

Shelley came to us with the hope of losing the 15 stubborn pounds she had tirelessly been hoping to lose, with little success. Shelley was experiencing side effects of an unknown food sensitivity causing minimal hair growth, bloating, and joint pain and achiness. Shelley devotes hours to helping serve others through Choose Life Ministry (see below - it's an amazing ministry!) and had little time to make her health a priority. By implementing small, simple strategies that closely matched her previous lifestyle, we were able to work together to find a nutrition plan that got Shelley the results she desired, while looking and feeling better. Shelley's hair growth has improved tremendously, and she has eliminated her bloating and joint pain. She's even signed up to walk her first 1/2 marathon this fall. Shelley has demonstrated that it doesn't take a complete makeover to change your life, but that small, consistent habits make a BIG difference. 

Here, Shelley shares her experience with the LIFE program. 

I first heard about Encompass Fitness from a friend’s daughter who was having tremendous success with the Balanced Lifestyle (LIFE) eating program.  I had been trying to lose about 15 pounds for a long time and decided to give Brady a call.  After meeting with her the first time, I was willing to give it a try.

The program was easy to follow and well laid out.  I knew that with my busy lifestyle, I would have to do a lot of advance planning and food preparation, so I was prepared for that.  Immediately my body responded to the more frequent eating patterns and the healthier foods.  I started to lose weight and inches very soon into the program.  I could tell that my metabolism was working to burn up the good fuel I was feeding my body, and I had more energy. 

I looked forward to my weekly appointments with Brady to discuss my week and work out any issues that I may have encountered.  She was very encouraging and knowledgeable.

Now that I have completed the program, I have been able to maintain my weight fairly easily.  The change in my eating pattern has been the biggest factor in keeping my weight where I feel my healthiest.  Anything worthwhile takes time and effort.  It took me six months to reach my goal weight, but I feel wonderful and am looking forward to a long, healthy life.

I would definitely recommend the LIFE program.  It works!

Shelley Boyes

** Choose Life Ministry was founded to establish a place for young women between the ages of 18 and 29 to find freedom from life-altering challenges including substance abuse, mental illness such as depression and anxiety, unexpected pregnancy, the effects of physical and/or sexual abuse, and challenges such as eating disorders and self-harm behaviours. Shelley has donated a home near Gainsborough, and many volunteers have helped to make this home a safe place that will soon be open to local women. Click here for more information on Choose Life ministry, or how you can help.  


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