Success Story: From Post-Baby to Healthy, Hot Mamma!

It was March of 2016 and I had just given birth to my son. I couldn't get over the fact that being a mother was the most amazing thing in this world and yet I was so insecure and self conscious about my post baby body. I honestly couldn’t look at myself naked without crying. I was so dissatisfied with myself that I didn’t even know what to do, or where to start.

I was so nervous that I would fail. I was so at a loss with my body that I just didn’t know how I would ever get back to where I wanted to be. I was nervous to set a goal. Reflecting back to when I started, I remember being so afraid of even setting a goal, because I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to achieve it.

I had tried a few different things on my own, but none of the 40 pounds I had gained during my pregnancy had budged on the scale. When I was visiting my family in Estevan at the end of June, they told me about the lifestyle they followed, and even cooked me some of the recipes. They were delicious! When I had heard about others success with the program, I decided to give it a try.

Since then, I’ve lost over 40 pounds and have went from a size 16 to a 10, and I have my sights set on single digits. I am thrilled to have lost all of my baby weight, and then some. It’s been slow, and steady, but it has been consistent and it has stayed off.

I love how easy it is to follow. I could make my family the recipes and they enjoyed them. I never had to cook multiple meals, which says a lot when your husband has been spoiled by camp food. It also made me so much more aware of what I was feeding my son; I made sure that he was eating healthy, and it has made him such a great eater. I can’t speak enough about how it not only impacted me, but my entire family. And it’s real food, not packaged foods or unrealistic meal replacements.

Flash Forward a Year:

I am smaller than I have been in years, and have set new goals since I crushed my original goal of getting back into my pre-baby jeans. Not only have I gotten back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but into my Pre-Nursing school jeans!! 

I am now able to keep up to my son. I feel like such a better Mom; I never have to sit down or take a break. We do so many fun things; we go to the park, and I am not embarrassed to take him swimming. By being active together I feel like I am setting a good example for him, and I just have so much more energy.

I no longer have a coach, but I am still able to stay on track. Occasionally, I have to check myself, but even if I have a bad weekend, it’s so easy and natural to jump right back on track and get back in the groove. It’s honestly become a second nature, it’s as easy as breathing. I no longer have to think about what to cook, or packing lunches for work; it’s become effortless.

I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. I am no longer depressed, unmotivated, or unhappy and I have more energy, new found confidence, and I am sleeping better than I have in years. I’ve learned to have a healthy relationship with food and with my body, and that I can have an indulgence meal, enjoy it, and move on without beating myself up about it.

I would recommend this program to anyone. Being a new mom I was nervous that with a weight loss program I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed. But that wasn’t the case at all; my family is healthier than ever! If you’re willing to give it an honest try, I can guarantee that you will have success too. The support of the coaches is amazing. They honestly want to see you succeed. I can remember how excited they were for me at my first check-in. In one week I had lost four inches. This program works. My only complaint is that I live too far away to make it to the fitness classes!

Meleah Longchamps
'LIFE' Client
Red Deer, AB