November Member of the Month: Patti Mowchenko

We are so excited to recognize Patti Mowchenko as the November Member of the Month.

Over the past six months Patti has gotten herself out of a four year slump. She was slowly adding more pounds to the scale, despite her attempts to starve herself. She wasn't comfortable in her skin. Now looking back, Patti says that what she thought was a weight issue... she now knows was a fitness issue. When Patti started at Encompass Fitness 6 months ago, her goal was to loose 10 pounds. 

 Patti originally joined Encompass Fitness in May by participating in the May TakeDown Challenge. Since then, Patti has lost 10 pounds, and participated in two 5km running events, despite never considering herself a runner. Patti has successfully discovered her potential, and has never felt better.

We asked Patti to share with us some highlights from her transformation over the past six months and how she achieved her goals. 

"I believe the TDC helped me reach my weight goals. Joining Encompass and participating in weekly classes helped me feel better about myself. My confidence is at an all time high and I am proud that I have scheduled time for me in my busy life."

Patti says that her favourite thing about Encompass is the family feeling. "I love the atmosphere and accountability. I never miss a class as I truly feel that if I do I would be missed. I feel so much acceptance and encouragement with my Encompass family." 

Although Patti's original goal was scale focused, she I just completed her first 5k (running, not walking), and her goal for next year is to finish her first 10k. "I never considered myself a runner and thought I wasn't capable of running any sort of distance. Now I know I can do it!"

Patti has been an asset to the group classes, and so positive and encouraging in the TakeDown Challenge. We can't wait to see what the next year brings, and to see her cross that 10k finish line.

Congratulations, Patti! 


“I have loved my experience and can’t imagine my life with out encompass fitness being a part of it”
— Patti M.