Are you Killing Your Confidence? Find out Now!

If you've ever shimmied, shaked, or even downright hopped, jumped, prayed, and sucked it all in so far that you've risked passing out, just to hear the swish of the zipper, and thankfully clasp the top button on your all too snug bottoms, you're not alone. 

We're all guilty of it. At some point in our lives, our once comfortable body hugging jeans become a little too close for comfort; suffocating the life and the confidence right out of us. It's at this often painful point that we have two choices. We can continue to shimmy, shake, and cross our fingers that every strand of stretch is on our side; or, we can choose to live in the reality of the current moment. While it's often an uncomfortable one, accepting the truth of the situation allows us to do two things. 

The first is to accept where you're currently at. So maybe you aren't where you thought you would be. Life's a little hectic, things got a little busier than you anticipated, and your good intentions for self care got pushed off to the side and put on pause once again.  You can body shame yourself, squeezing into your jeans day after day, or you can accept that right now, in this moment, you're no longer a size 6 despite your good intentions. 
Squeezing into a size too small, whether it's the jeans in your closet, or the too snug jeans at the store that you convince yourself will look great and be the driving motivation to shed a few pounds, is killing your confidence. Instead of simply accepting and embracing a size up; a size that would hug you in all the right places, a size that would eliminate the dreadful shimmy and shake, and a size that wouldn't suffocate you into self shame, we refuse to let go of the fact that we are not as "small" and somehow as worthy as we once were. 

No amount of fitting into jeans that are too small is going to magically make them fit. 

The second, is to make a change. Stop waiting until the button missiles across the room, or you hear the dreadful R.I.P. of your once faithful threads to make some self care a priority. It doesn't have to be revolutionary. Take a morning stroll around the block, swap out your morning muffin for some yogurt and fresh fruit. When we stop denying the truth we can start fighting the facts. 

A size tag only holds as much value as we give it. After all, you are the ONLY one who know what size is embedded into the waistline of your jeans. The only thing the world can see is how we wear them. Are yours too snug, suffocating yourself and your confidence? Then stop! Accept where you are. Buy a size that stems self worth. Or better yet, make a change now. 

And in the meantime, don't be afraid to size up. A little room in the waistband works wonders for your confidence and leaves you with more motivation that ever to look and feel your best. 

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