Success Story: Michella Prokop

My name is Michella Prokop and this is my story, which is now our story. 

 I started attending classes in May 2015 with a close friend.  I knew that a colleague of mine was attending classes, and she encouraged us to give it a try.  So we did. We attended a Sweaty Saturday Class. Whew!  That first class was TOUGH!! Lol. Twenty six months later, we are both still attending, and reaping the benefits!

At the time, I had already embarked on a three year journey to become a runner.  I had participated in a couple of races by then, including one ½ marathon.  My main purpose when I began attending classes was to trim up my runners’ arms and legs, and to become stronger so I could continue to run.  I started attending classes saying “I am a runner and sometimes I attend strength training classes.”  Now, I tell people, “I go to fitness classes and I also run.” My mentality has shifted.  I still love to run, but the strength training has changed my running, and literally, my life.  I no longer HAVE to run four to five times a week to see progress.  I CAN run that often, especially when training for longer races, but I don’t HAVE to.  The strength training and cardio-based classes at Encompass have made me a stronger runner and I can run less often, all while running farther, stronger and with better lung capacity.

Throughout my time at Encompass, I have taken part in the Balanced Habits Take-Down Challenge, Lifestyle, and the Kickstart Programs offered.  I not only lost weight, but I learned how to love real food, and how to manage my busy life with that real food, all while learning better eating habits and choices. Plus, my husband Cory "followed" the Take Down Challenge with me the first time and lost more weight than me - even though he wasn't even registered.

I must include three other benefits that have also made Encompass my second home.  Firstly, the team of instructors ALL provide a safe environment and they ALL bring different talents to the floor.  (Pun intended!) I enjoy classes taught by each of them, and I trust every single instructor with my safety.  Secondly, the entire crew has created an atmosphere of family, friendship and acceptance.  Each fitness class includes people of both genders, and people of every possible level of fitness, from the first time beginners to the more “experienced” members.  And everyone is truly welcomed and encouraged.  Lastly, Encompass provides all the tools necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle: an amazing facility, supplements, vitamins, meal replacement bars, clothing, individual classes, workshops, a nutrition plan, goal setting, etc.  

A rather unexpected benefit was that my husband, Cory, started attending classes, as well.  I attended classes for 11 months, when Cory suddenly expressed an interest in classes.  He attended two or three classes in that first week, and the rest was history.  I like to think that he saw the benefits I was experiencing and wanted the same benefits for himself.  I am so proud of his progress and so happy for his renewed health.  Three months after starting to work out, the doctor took him off cholesterol pills and he hasn't had to take them again. We both have unlimited memberships.  Sometimes we attend classes together, and sometimes we attend the classes that work for our individual daily schedules.  

As I approach my 48th birthday, I feel healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before, even than when I was much younger.  ☺  My quality of life has improved drastically. My family and I are active and I feel amazing!   

If you're ready for a change, come and join us!!