Bringing Weight Loss to the Workplace!


Audrey, from TEML shares her experience with the KickStart On-The-Go. 


Audrey Macmurchy of TEML shares her experience with the KickStart On-The-Go, a nutrition weight loss program that is designed for employees to participate in together. The program includes individually designed nutrition programs for each employee, and a group support system for sharing in the journey together. 

Launching our first KickStart On-The-Go in December of 2017 at Tundra Energy Marketing LTD., 10 employees participated and lost a total of over 100 pounds collectively. Not bad for over the holiday season, in fact we followed up with them in the New Year, and their total was over 125 pounds lost in less than two months. The co-workers raved positive experiences, proclaiming that they have more energy, feel healthier, have a more optimistic attitude, and have increased their social dynamics and team cohesiveness. 

The program lasts 28 days, and is 100% housed at your workplace. We deliver the programs to the employees collectively, and follow up with each participant weekly to ensure progress and continued success with our wrap up celebration.

If your workplace is up for the challenge of losing weight and increasing overall energy and social relations, let us know... you could be next! Contact us at today to see if you qualify.