Healthy Eats hits Encompass Fitness!

After seeing success from a close family friend, Patricia’s daughter decided to enroll in the KickStart Program to learn more about healthy nutrition. Knowing that the program included some delicious recipes, Patricia decided to partake in the program to assist her daughter and support her by helping cook many of the recipes.

I was surprised at how delicious they were! I started cooking the recipes and sharing them with friends and family who also loved them. While participating in the program my eyes were opened to how many people weren’t able to enjoy the recipes simply because they didn’t have time to cook them.

Soon enough, Patricia’s love for cooking and sharing this with others had turned into an idea – “What if I cooked the recipes, and made them available to others who didn't have time to cook so that they could enjoy these items too?".

Fast forward to our next KickStart Challenge, and Patricia is operating Healthy Eats, a solution for KickStart participants and those who have done an Encompass Fitness nutrition program to enjoy perfectly portioned meals and snacks without having to cook!

Patricia has order forms that individuals can fill out and return to her by Tuesday and the items will be ready for pick-up on Friday. Items on the current Healthy Eats Menu include carrot muffins, fresh granola, cranberry coconut bars, peanut butter balls, and hamburger or chicken quesadilla soup.

Each package of goodies is made fresh to order and is packaged in individual ‘units’ which is Encompass Fitness’ method of portion sizing. In addition to being made to scale for each unit size, each package also lists what is recommended for a well balanced meal.

To place your order of healthy treats, simply click here to download an order form and contact Patricia at or 306 421 6064. Pick up is available at Encompass Fitness or as arranged.

"I am so excited to be able to partner with Patricia to offer this to both our KickStart and LIFE program participants, and all those who have done the programs and continue to follow the balanced habits philosophy that we teach. "If only I had someone to cook for me..." is one of the most common complaints that we hear as health and fitness coaches, and this is the perfect solution. I'm grateful that Patricia has used a passion of hers to support others in their health and weight loss journeys, and have no doubts that this opportunity will be both a hit and a lifesaver for our busy members", Brady Johnson, Owner of Encompass Fitness proclaims. 

Note: You do not have to be a member of Encompass Fitness or a nutrition program participant to enjoy the treats and meals offered by Healthy Eats. For more information regarding your recommended portion sizes for weight loss or to achieve your goals, click here to email one of our knowledgeable experts!