A Plan That Sticks

This active bus driver, farmer’s wife and mom didn’t like how she felt.  Deanna had lost weight in the past but only some of it came off because she didn’t learn how to keep it off.

Deanna joined Encompass Fitness initially for the Life Nutrition Program but has since, taken the plunge to join group fitness classes and has been consistently attending and pushing herself! Deanna is now feeling great and is “never going back again”, she’s even earned her doctor’s approval.

I’ve gone through weight loss programs before but they never included any education. Now I know what my portion sizes are, what foods I should be eating and how to look at food labels.

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This process has been about more than the scale.... I know how to plan healthier meals for my family, I’m confident in the knowledge I’ve gained and I’m helping them watch their portion sizes as well.  I’ve been able to stop taking my cholesterol medication, which I thought I’d be on for the rest of my life.

The education part of this, especially reading labels, was HUGE. I had no idea what I was looking at before or what constituted a “better” choice.  Now I know what to choose when buying groceries, and I quite often can shop the perimeter of the store.

Hardest part in the beginning but what has become very rewarding has been learning how to control what I consume when going out. Instead of using it as an excuse for a free-free-all overindulgence, I’m learning to appreciate some healthier options when eating out.   My husband and I can go out for supper without worrying that I’m “cheating” or derailing all my progress.

I feel more confident than I used to. 

I know that I’m healthier than I used to be. 

Planning ahead has been a huge step for me so that I’ve got good choices available rather than not being prepared and digging in the cupboard for crap.

This process wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be – the staff were always available with any questions.  I’ve even started going to classes, which terrified me initially, but everyone is so welcoming, with a wide range of ability and ages.

Deanna is the perfect example of how taking that very first step towards healthier habits will only snowball more healthy habits and soon you’ll be seeing the results in areas you didn’t even think you were looking for them!