A strong body is a strong mind is a strong soul.


My mind, body and spirit felt heavy. 

I was feeling pretty crappy – always tired, stressed, sluggish. I would get out of breath from hauling laundry up the stairs.  

I had dieted in the past and lost the weight I wanted, but didn’t realize how quickly it was creeping back on until a reality check at a doctor’s appointment in August 2017.  Lab work for my yearly medical showed my cholesterol was high.  I was fed up and angry at myself for letting myself get to that point again. I cried and stomped my feet on the way home and then decided…

“I’ve got to take care of myself”.

That started me on the road to Encompass. 

I chose Encompass because of the positive messages I’d heard from other members who attended the group classes. I was still involved with Tae Kwon Do, but felt like I was falling behind, and knew I needed something more and this seemed interesting. After a year and a half, I can say it is. We don’t do the same workouts, I never get bored like I used to when I lifted weights, we are always challenged, there’s someone else giving me direction and checking my form. Plus, it’s fun. 


I love coming to group classes– I’m finally taking the time for just “me”. 

I’m stronger.

My clothes fit better.

The satisfaction and sense of confidence I get from accomplishing something in group class spills into the rest of my life.

I’m more grounded, better able to deal with life and my stressful job and I’m more content with life in general.

This has made me a better “me”.


I get so much strength and encouragement from watching others around me workout through injuries or past surgeries. 

There is such a sense of community and support. 


Along with the group classes, I participated in a 4 week nutrition program, the Kickstart Program.  That taught me what my portion sizes are and how to prepare to make better choices. I’ve learned I don’t need to be perfect and I can only be accountable to myself and no one else. I now am able to look at food as fuel for my body for it to feel its best .

I’ve known I’ve been getting healthier and stronger and have seen and felt the positive changes. I’ve been able to handle stress so much easier because the classes allow me to release energy into something positive! But the biggest catalyst for me was going back to the doctor.  My cholesterol is now back in normal range!!! This is proof that I’ve taken back control and am changing my life and my health.

I am healthy and I am strong...

A strong body is a strong mind is a strong soul.

Tina is such a great example of how important healthy eating and activity are for your entire well-being. After all, it’s not “look good, feel good” it’s “feel good, look good”. Once you start focusing on what your body needs to thrive and taking care of yourself, you will start to see the outward results you’re looking for.
Keep it up, Tina!